Ygopro Scripting and CCG details

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Ygopro Scripting and CCG details

Post by joshjosh100(Admin) on Tue Jul 28, 2015 11:44 am

This Is For Ygopro Scripting and CCG
Hello, Forum Peoples this is the Thread for YGOPRO Scripting and Custom Cards
What we will be doing is Creating a CCG(Custom Card Game) for fans of the TGG Youtube
This Custom card game will consist of custom cards and such for the Yugioh Simulator YGOpro
I will Post back here When we Release our First Pack "Draconic Revolution"

--------Draconic Revolution------------
On a World Called Dragero there is Revolution coming

For thousand of Years Dragon Scouts have avoided capture and lived in secrecy, but now that The Dragonic Warriors have found them. Now the Dragon Scouts have come out of hiding. A New Power has Arisen in the World of Dragero.


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